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Sep 28, 2020

Jeff Orlowski is a director, producer and cinematographer ~

For the finale of season one, I am so excited to introduce you to the man who recently brought a documentary to Netflix that speaks to issues around the attention economy on social media. If you’re a fan of this podcast, it’s likely you’ve heard of it and if you haven’t - get on it, like, now! The film is called ‘The Social Dilemma’, and today we are speaking with the Director - Jeff Orlowski.

Jeff Orlowski is the director, producer, and cinematographer of award-winning films, Chasing Coral and Chasing Ice, which tackle issues that pertain to our climate crisis. He is also the founder of Exposure Labs, a production company dedicated to impact through film. Jeff’s latest release is called ‘The Social Dilemma’, and it had its world premiere at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival. Through interviews with tech experts and critics, The Social Dilemma takes a wide lens on the human impact of social networks. It is now on Netflix, where it is described as a documentary-drama hybrid where tech experts sound the alarm on their own creations.

In this episode, Jeff talks about his own personal relationship to social media and tech. He unpacks what tech is helping us to accomplish, what it is looking for and how it exists in competition with the rest of our lives. Jeff speaks to the critique that ‘The Social Dilemma’ is oversimplified. He also talks us through something that sounds as terrifying as it is - a resurrection algorithm. 


Check out Jeff's production company, Exposure Labs, and DEFINITELY watch 'The Social Dilemma' on Netflix

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A note from Lucy: 

Hello listener. This episode - episode 35 - will be the last release in what we’re calling Season 1 of Selfie Reflective. We’re hitting pause on the show for now - but hopefully not forever!

I love this podcast and I am so passionate about the subject matter. In my notebook I am still collecting the names of people I want to interview and topics I want to cover, and this list easily exceeds ten pages! I hope that one day I will be able to reignite this show for Season Two, and that I’ll also be able to bring even more depth to the way I host this show.

I believe with my whole heart that the subjects that are being presented on this show are desperately important - and that feeling seems to be one that is shared by not just Jeff Orlowski (our final season one guest (who is kind of a big deal)) - but every guest who has generously given their time and knowledge to this show.

Thank you so much for listening.