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Sep 14, 2020

Nadja Streiter is a psychotherapist and parent-coach who is based in New York ~

Do you remember what it was like in the days before we had Smartphones? Really remember? What did you reach for when you were waiting in line at the bank? What means did you use to communicate with your friends? What platforms or spaces did you occupy to showcase your creativity, ideas or personality?

Smartphones and digital technology has allowed society to make unprecedented gains - that’s undeniable - but today’s guest wants us to think more closely about digital wellness in relation to the things that human beings might be losing as a result of this accelerating world - things like conversation, space away from work and being alone with our own thoughts.

What is the point where positive returns start diminishing as we rely on these technologies more and more?

Nadja Streiter is a psychotherapist and parent-coach based outside of New York. Nadja has expertise in treating adults and adolescents who struggle with Video Game Addiction - though as you’ll learn in this episode, she cares deeply about all facets of technology and the ways it’s impacting our modern world from both a personal and professional perspective.

Nadja frequently speaks on the topic of problematic behaviours that are technology-based, and also serves as the Programs Director at Game Quitters: a global support community for those who are working to overcome gaming addiction.

This is another episode in which we cover a tonne of ground. We discuss how Nadja originally became interested in humane technology, why the line between healthy use and disordered use of technology is so hard to define, why human needs and business needs aren’t matching up online and why the demands of tech, specifically in-home devices like Alexa, might produce unintended consequences for human behaviour in future.


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