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A podcast presenting different perspectives on the status-update quo

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A perspective-shifting podcast that explores ideas, unpacks experiences and critically reflects on the status-update quo.

Each week Selfie Reflective presents a new idea as it relates to the social media space. You'll hear from doctors, academics, innovators, creatives and thinkers from around the world who look at the status-update quo through a different lens. Via stories, knowledge and insights, by examining both the good and the concerning, we'll unpack the seductive, individualised experience of social media and hone in on opportunities to leverage it for collective good.



About the host: Lucy is a freelance writer, creative consultant and voice over artist from Wellington, New Zealand. She runs two independent projects: a vintage clothing buy / sell group, and this very podcast.
After 'being' Monday Hustle (Lucy's now retired personal brand) for nearly three years, she began to question her own relationship to social media and investigate the mechanisms behind the machine. This exploration exposed her to insightful people from around the world doing incredible work in the space - hence, Selfie Reflective.